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"The DRUMBUDDY is a marching snare drum carrier and harness that enables the player to wear and position a 'Concert' or 'Drum set' snare drum in the modern marching style."

The seasoned parade drummer and the aspiring student alike will love this affordable, lightweight and comfortable marching snare drum holder. In the past, the only way to march with a snare drum was either to use the modern marching drum with holder or a traditional snare balanced with a strap or sling. DRUMBUDDY has essentially combined the two concepts, creating a much less expensive alternative. Designed for maximum comfort and durability, the DRUMBUDDY delivers.

Drumbuddy hits the streets of Europe with the Phly Boyz!

Mike Michaels jamming on the DRUMBUDDY

DRUMBUDDY was first created for the Middle School age group to remedy the shortage of adequate marching percussion equipment. The young player is suited perfectly for the lighter weight and design of DRUMBUDDY. And, soon after conception, it was clear that the DRUMBUDDY had a far wider range of use than first anticipated. The traditional parade drummer will appreciate the lightweight design of DRUMBUDDY, as demonstrated in our VIDEO. On average, the DRUMBUDDY, with snare drum, weighs three to five pounds less than a modern marching snare drum with harness. Affordability, quality, durability and comfort are the reasons DRUMBUDDY has a bright future.

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